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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Technology Can Be Sooooooo Frustrating

What's the Problem?
For the past few weeks I've been experiencing problems accessing my Blogger Account, my ability to post to my Penny Tokens Blog site, Stampin' Connection and a few other sites I use. 
I've been techno-challenged!

How frustrating it's been!  
I wanted to start the New Year off with some exciting new blog posts, but nothing was simple.   For example, I'd spend hours trying to compose a new post.  Blogger would freeze as I typed and I'd have to wait in between each word.  As well, I couldn't access the picture Icon to download pictures from my browser and could only rely on what was stored in Picassa.  And, even after following a suggestion to used HTML mode to add pictures, the post would be corrupted and the paragraphs and photos would bounce all over the page.  Grrrrrrrrrh!

Asking for Help:
I know I haven't been alone with this problem. When I put a call-out for help on the Late Night Stamper Forum several stampers advised they've been having similar problems.   It's awesome being part of Late Night Stampers as the advice I received was almost instantly forthcoming and it was good solid information I could act on.  Unfortunately I did not have a similar experience in trying to access and receive help for these issues from Blogger's help forum.

Solution and Success!
So if you've hung in with me this far I've got some good news, at least from my point of view.  After trying several methods to recover my blogging access I was able to finally fix the problem by upgrading my browser from IE to Google Chrome.  So far so good but my fingers are crossed.  This week I'll be catching up with posts that should have been out a weeks or so ago. Please bear with me as I catch up.  Thank you. 

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