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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Wonderful Awards from Two Wonderful Stamping Friends!

Last Sunday I spent 6 or 7 hours chit chatting and stamping with my dear and wonderful friend Sheri.  To tell the truth we probably spent more time talking than we did creating and stamping........but that's another story.  Anyway it was a glorious time!  She told me that she had given me a "Beautiful Blogger" award and that I needed to check it out on her site, so I did that today and here is my fabulous award.  To accept this award I need to share 10 things about myself............groan this is hard:

1.  I like to stay up late and blog hop.
2.  I love spaghetti with thick marinara sauce........ my favourite!!!
3.  I fell in love with my husband when I was 15 and married him 3 years later.  We're still married.
4.  I love to watch old movies and I'm fascinated by the clothing and hairstyles.  Betty Davies you were a looker!
5.  I enjoy walking............ it's my favourite exercise regime.
6.  Love going to Zeller's for Thursday morning breakies with our friends.  Retirement Rocks!
7.  Majong and Freecell are my favourite computer games and I love winning!!!
8.  I work as a casual from time to time, not because I need the money but because I love to work.  Crazy huh!!!   I love all aspects of being in an office atmosphere.   Gets my adreneline pumping!
9.  My favourite cookies are Girl Guide Vanilla ones..................oh yum!
10. I'm hearing impaired, and find it difficult sometimes communicating in the hearing world and dealing with my loss.  However since I've joined UStamp and other stamping sites, I've found a new freedom and feel just like one of the girls! 

Okay that's all you get to learn about me for now.  My second award came while I was away on my trip, so I didn't actually see it for awhile.  It comes from a fellow UStamp Designer Betty Traciuk, who is so special. Check out Betty's blog.............she is one talented lady and she's one of those great people who brightens your day when you get a note from her.  And let me tell you this "Sunshine Award" really brightened my day and came at a time when I really needed it.   Betty how did you know? Thanks so much!!!

To accept this award I need to tell you about a few folks that I think really deserve a Sunshine Award too.

To begin with, I'm going to shoot this award over to Sheri because she absolutely deserves it.  Sheri is a guest designer on Swap Sisters and just bowls me over with all the beautiful creations she comes up with.  Along with all the joy from looking at her stuff, Sheri just makes me laugh.............. can't beat that!!!
hats off to you Sheri and enjoy your award!

The second person I want to give this award to is none other than Sue Denning who is from the "Sunshine" Coast in Queensland Austrailia.  Sue is a fabulous gal who I met through UStamp.  She is such a dedicated and hardworking Stampin Up demo.  Check out her site and group Swap Sisters............. you'll love it! 


Sue Denning said...

Knock me down and hit me with the smelling salts. Are you kidding??

I just logged on to see yet another wonderful Penny creation and get totally inspired. Instead I find myself in the honour spot, along with Sheri (a well deserved recipient I might say).

Thanks so much Penny, I am truly blessed to be able to call you "friend"


Anonymous said...

Thank you girlfriend!!! Look forward to our next laugh session!

Sheri L