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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey Girls.........."with Love...2010" is ALMOST here!!

Wow, only 2 more days to go before - UStamp with Dawn and Friends "With Love 2010" begins!  I'm thrilled that I've been invited to be a guest designer again and I've designed a simple gift project that I know you'll enjoy making. 

So, if you haven't already registered there is still time to do so. Just click here to go to Dawn's website or paypal and sign up.

I also thought since it's almost a month until Valentine's Day, and this session is all about "With Love 2010", that Ii would offer my final "free pass" to join this event.  If you want to be the winner, just send me a note tellling me what you love about Valentine's Day or something you love to do for it, by 8:00 pm on January 14th, and I'll enter your name into my random integer draw for a free pass to this event!  So don't delay send your comment today....................... hope you're the winner!


Holly's Stampin Ground said...

Hi Penny - congrats on being a guest designer - yay!!!!!
Valentines Day was the first date i had with my hubby 13 years ago - wow i feel old now!!!!! - so that day is special for us!! I hope you had a great xmas and new year - i nevermanaged to send your parcel sorry - i will have to make it a new year parcel now - lol.
hugs to you!!!! xxx

Holly's Stampin Ground said...

Hi Penny - congrats on being a guest designer!!!! yay!!!!
Valentine's day is special for me and my hubby as that was our first date 13 years ago - wow i feel old now!!!! lol!!! Hope you had a great xmas and new year - sorry i never managed to send your xmas parcel - i will have to make it a new year parcel now!!! sending hugs your way xxx

Paula said...

We have a jar full of those coloured pebbles. Every time someone does something nice or thoughtful for someone else in the family, you get to take a pebble from the jar & put it into the Love Bowl. The kids love to watch that bowl fill up with love (pebbles) & it makes them want to continue to do more nice things! ♥

paper bag create said...

My fave thing about Valentine's is to remember all the family and friends that I LOVE! And it's NICE when DBF gets me a Love card! ;)
Smiles, Sheri

Betty Lee said...

Hi Penny,
The best thing about Valentines Day is that I get to make more cards to send!!! I don't always need a reason to send cards, but Valentines Day provides me with an opportunity to say "I Love You" or "I appreciate you" or "Thanks for being my friend"!!! And I get to use nice bright colours and great stamps.
Betty Lee

Holly's Stampin Ground said...

oops sorry Penny - i thought my 1st comment hadn't worked so i sent another one!!!!