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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LNS Treasure Hunt - Canadian Clue Hunters!!!!

Where are the Canadian Clue Hunters?

Where are you?  The LNS Fall Treasure Hunt will be coming to an end on October 24th and I haven't received a single CANADIAN entry? I've received entries from  Americans and I've sent those off to American demos so they can be entered in the contest - but, and this is heartbreaking - not a single Canadian entry.  Where are you? 

Have you forgotten that you can win some great prizes? I'm hoping to get some action because I'm counting down the days until I submit Canadian entries to Deb Smart for the big draw on October28th and I need you to participate!  

Don't know what to do?  Okay here are some "clues " I mean tips on how to play along:

1. Anyone can play but Canadians need to submit their clue lists to Canadian demos and I'm one of them.  Note:  Americans, Australians and players from the UK need to submit your clue lists to a rep from your own country, so you can be entered for those prize draws. 

2.  To find the clues just go to the LNS Fall Treasure Hunt Blog Hop menu at the top of the page, click on it and then just select and click on any of the links (doesn't matter if the demo you click on is from the US, Canada, Australia or the UK).  You'll know these demos are playing because they'll have the LNS Treasure Hunt badge on their blogs.  

3.Find the clues - there will be a picture of a Stampin Up! product with a caption that says something like "This is My Clue".  Sometimes you have to hunt, but that's the fun of it.  There are so many awesome blogs and so many great projects featured on them.  Leave them some love.  Some of the sites are offering "blog candy" too just for playing along, so you might win twice (but make sure you read the fine print because you may only be eligible for Canadian blog candy).

4.  List the name of the blog owner and the Treasure Hunt clue.  When you have 50 clues on your list submit it to me by email at:  pennyhanuszak@telus.net.

5.  If you can't submit your list to me by October 19th then submit it to one of the other Canadian demonstrators by the 23rd of October so you can make sure your entry is in the draw.  

See, simple!  Hope you're a winner!  Go grab a coffee and visit my LNS Fall Treasure Hunt list at the top of the page.  Here's my clue to start you off:


paper bag create said...

Working on the list girlfriend...having issues with saving the list so that it doesn't look like gobbly gook. :(

paper bag create said...

Phew...FINALLY..Just emailed you my completed list. Enjoyed checking out all the blogs and seeing everyone's projects. Cheers.

lisa808 said...

I didn't realize we could send our US list to Canadian demos as well. Off to E-mail my list to you. Thanks for the fun hop/hunt.