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Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Awards in One and Randomness

One of the really great things that Stampin' Up has done for it's many demonstrators is to provide us with a group site called Stampin' Connection.  It's through this site that I've met so many great demos and shared so many things from project samples to blog threads.  What a fun place this is! 

One of the great gals I met on this site is Dale Morin, a great paper crafter and shares her creations on her blog Dale's Designs.  I often visit her site to check out her latest post and so tonight when I visited I was happy to see she had received the Stylish Blogger Award.  Then when I read down to the end of the post I was absolutely surprised and delighted to see she'd included me in her list of recipients who deserve this award too!  Whoo!! Hoo!! Dale, thank you so much.  Please pop by her blog Dale's Designs and check out all her great offerings.  She's one talented lady.  

And speaking of talented ladies, I was also checking on Morgan's blog Stamp Cravings http://stampcravings.blogspot.com/ tonight and almost fell over because she also selected me to receive the same award.  What a double whammy in one night! Make sure you check out Morgan's work it's stunning. Morgan that was so terrific of you! 

As part of receiving this award the recipient must share 8 random things about themselves and then pass the award along to 8 other deserving bloggers!  So,  here are my random things:

1. I’m a recipe junky. I don’t necessarily like to make the recipes I collect and oogle over; although I’m pretty sure I’m a capable enough cook that I can actually turn out a creation or two…………. Move over Pioneer Woman (not).

2. I’m a poet although unpublished. I love rhyming words and wrapping my thoughts around what I visualize and hear. One day I’ll share them, but for now they are private.

3. My favourite pass time is probably day dreaming. Sitting in the warm sun and dreaming about what I can, might and will do is so satisfying.

4. My favourite beverage of all time is pure and simple black coffee………….. man I love the Java.

5. I will have been married to the man I love with all my heart and soul, for 42 years in another hour and a half. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him with no regrets. We share this famous anniversary date with Robbie Burns.

6. My favourite sound is “nothing”. I love quietness.

7. Before I became a paper crafter I was a “stitcher”, and oh man did I love to stitch. I did every form of embroidery and needlework and loved it. I would spend endless hours cross stitching and made some beautiful creations, most of which I gave away.

8. I have never minded doing dishes (my sister thinks otherwise). The simple fact is the warm water is soothing, the time spent doing a simple chore is rewarding, and when the kitchen sparkles after everything is done, I’m truly satisfied.

The following lovely paper crafters are also so deserving of this award.  Please visit their fantastic sites, believe me they are worth it! 

1. Andrea Gideon http://stampinlab.blogspot.com/   
2.  Sherri Barron  http://sherribarron.typepad.com
3. Julie Gearinger  http://stampingwithjuliegearinger.blogspot.com/
4. Yolanda Cook  http://yolanda-tryingtobecreative.blogspot.com/
5. Pauline from Calgary Alberta  http://thepursuitofstampiness.blogspot.com/
6. Maureen Rauchfuss http://www.crazystampinglady.blogspot.com/
7. Kim Jenkins  http://jenkins-journal.blogspot.com
8.  Debbie Martin http://www.cleverandcute.blogspot.com/

Happy Stamping Everyone! 


paper bag create said...

Congrats Penny,
Certainly well deserved award!!
Hey, tried emailing ..not sure if they're going through..
Catch up with you soon!

Ann Schach said...

Congrats, Penny! Fascinating facts!

Morgan said...

Glad you notice, I was just going to leave you a message about it!! Thanks for the kind words! Always enjoy your blog!

Yolanda said...

I just stopped by to check out what you'd been up too. Congrats on the award, and too my great surprise, you've included me. Little me. Thank you so much. I'm not sure what to do now, but thank you so much!

Welcome said...

Dear Penny.

You're so sweet Penny. Thanks so much for your Award on my blog. Loved reading about your randomness.. I smiled when you wrote about the 'silence' that that is your favorite sound.. I am with you! You deserve this Award.. you have so many beautiful creations and are so natural at blogging. Many times I popped in to get inspired..Your work has always that extra 'creative love' :)

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Inky hugs, Pauline


laurie said...


paper bag create said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Penny!!!! Hope you have a FABULOUS day!!! Miss you loads and loads!!!