Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Presents from Wonderful Friends

What a great week this has been for surprises!  On Friday when I picked up my mail I was so excited to see a parcel from my friend and fellow stamper, Kathryn Mangelsdorf who lives in Woodside, South Austrialia. She'd already given me a heads up that something was coming, but not what or why, so the excitement was building as I rushed home to open the package. Here's a peak:

Love that fold over withthe butterfly and button.............too cute!
Just to give a little background before I show you what I received, I met  Kathryn on UStamp With Dawn and Friends during the first session that I signed up for.  Kathryn's become one of the shining lights in terms of her fantastic tutorials and designs and I so look forward to chatting with her on the open chat line.  During our chat's we've gotten to know each other a little more personally and Kathryn shared that she had tragically lost members of her family to breast cancer.  Since Kathryn is not one to sit back and do nothing, she decided to sponsor a Breast Cancer fund raiser called "Kathryn's Girls Afternoon", and it's become a great annual event.

As you'll know from my earlier posts I am a big supporter of Breast Cancer and have been involved in the Walk for Life events here in Abbotsford, so when I heard she was doing it again this year I wanted to jump in and help out too.  I spent a few hours going through my stack of Stampin' Up! card swap fronts to find ones that would make "good sellers" and made them into full cards, packaging them in cello wrappers and sending them off with some breast cancer stickers and other goodies.  Kathryn was delighted to receive the package from me and sent me this wonderful appreciation gift, along with the fantastic news that the Kathryn's Girls Afternoon had raised $969.00+ for the Cancer Council as a result of their card sales and donations.  Isn't that fantastic???  

Congratulations go girl!  And thank's for the appreciation gift, which I'm now going to share.  Fabulous card, and love the chocolate bar wrapper so much!!!!
This is a Lindt Dark Chocolate Bar...........mmmmmmmmmmm yum!  hidden beneath this clever little cover.  I'm tempted to eat it cause I love dark chocolate, but I don't want to take it out of the wrapper!  Talk about diet control!

Isn't this card fabulous.  I think I'm going to case it for one of my Christmas designs. 

We ate the chocolate bar before I had time to take a photo
and it was delish.........................YUMMY!!!!
Okay my second surprise of the week came from our lovely neighbors Linda and Barry who arrived for my Wednesday night dinner party with a surprise hostess gift.  How thoughtful and how exciting!  They filled the bag with goodies that my mom, who was visiting, and I would enjoy during this snowy weather chocolate, winter tea, some great napkins and a to die for Milean's Demerara Butter Crunch White European Chocolate Bar (local choclatier). Yum, Yum!!!  What lovely gifts!

Now I have to tell you I would have been totally happy to have received just this gift bag........ and that's the truth.  I just found it totally awesome and couldn't take my eyes off it.  Isn't it amazing?

Here's a closeup of that deer.  He's so stunning..............covered in glitter (Dazzling Diamonds or Irridescent Ice Comes to mind) and I love the Baroque Motif styled swirls in the background in the gold and white.  Just beautiful.  Here's a closer view.

I also loved this little Tea Box with it's Jolly old snowman!  Isn't this a cute idea. 

Well now I have to go and spend some time in my studio seeing if I can use these ideas........................  see you!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Milamemories said...

Great projects!! I am visiting from SC and became a follower

MuseMyWorld said...

love the card your friend sent you. Just beautiful!! What a happy surprise weekend!

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

wow Penny, that was some amazing write up on me and my little event and creations. It truly is a very special cause for me especially coming up to Christmas as I probably miss my mum and sister the most at this time of the year. Luckly I have friends like you to keep my spirits high and of cause my stamping - that is if I had any time with work being so busy. I have sold a few more cards and now the total is $1062, last year I think I raised just over $700. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year as I have not had the chance to chat on Ustamp at all this round. God Bless you and your family.

Dale Morin said...

Beautiful card. Love the candy wrapper too. I think I might have to case that bag. How cute is that! Your friend did a fabulous job raising all that money for Breast Cancer. Thanks for sharing all this!

Patti said...

How terrific surprises are. And such great ones at that. Enjoy.

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