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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Stampin Place

I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a really great place for holding my card and scrapbooking sessions. 

I actually have two adjoining rooms one that I use just for crafting which seats six comfortably and a smaller adjoining room which is fully shelved that I use for storage of my supplies and class prep.

My classroom is in need of some paint and shelving, but apart from that it's comfortable and a great place to be creative.   In the winter it's a great place to be because it has it's own cute little fireplace to keep everyone warm and cozy, and in the summer it stays cool and comfortable while the outside temperatures sore.  My hubby's promised me some better lighting, a must for us night owl crafters, and after our other projects are completed, I know he'll come through - he always does!  

Before we moved to this house I tried to sell my old pine china cabinet and table and chairs, but there were no takers. Same with my old Sears Kenmore sewing machine table.   At first I was really disappointed and was on the brink of giving them away but lucky for me when we found this place all that furniture could be put to good use in my craft room.  The hutch has become a display cabinet and storage area, the table and chairs take care of seating and work space and my old sewing cabinet has become my Big Shot Work Station.  Here are some views of the large space. 

This view shows the seating for six.
Here's my cozy little fireplace which also is used for display boards.

One of my many projects planned for this year
is to paint this room and I've got my Color
Caddy out trying to choose the perfect match.  Hmmm, will it be Old Olive with Very Vanilla trim?  Cajun Craze?  I know one thing is for sure I will be using a couple of the Definitely Decorative Wall applications, as I absolutely love them.  If u haven't had a chance to take a look at the new cattie check it out here, it's really inspiring.

The smaller room which I call my prep room, holds all my supplies and has a small table that acts as my prep station.  I can cut my cardstock, use my scorepal, emboss and clean my stamps in this area, which keeps my classroom area neat and tidy.  I love all the shelving as I can find everything at a glance.  On my Wish List for this room are a large bulletin board above the prep table so I can put all my bits and pieces that inspire me; a new paint job; and a better filing cabinet.  What do you think, isn't this a great little room?

Here's a peek through the doorway from the main room.  Three of the walls have shelving units on them and you can just catch a glimpse of my prep table (see the handle on my cutter) when you walk into the room.  The floor is lino so no worries about spilling my dazzling diamonds or my ink pads (which I've been known to do on occasion). 

I still have lots of organizing to do in this room to get the best fit and at some point will put in a nice two drawer lateral file cabinet to hold my card stock, but for now it works for me.


Sue Denning said...


So great to see your creative station. We sit here just imagining where our sisters do their stamping - its so nice to actually visualise it.

Thanks for sharing. You are lucky to have your own "space" and it is ovious that you are truly content creating within it.


paper bag create said...

You forgot to put my name on MY chair...LOL...
LOVE your stampin space..lots of laughs and chatter!!!

laurie said...

I like your stamping space.I love to see how other people organize all their stampin stuff!