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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is My Birthday!!!!

Hi Everyone. Just a quick note to say hello and many, many, thanks to all the great gals from around the world (UStamp, Swap Sisters, Just Say Ink, Family, Friends, Colleagues) who have called, sent cards and emails today wishing me a Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!  Wow what great friends I have!  You know who you are and you've all absolutely made my day.   

I've reached the point where there are too many candles on the cake........the big 60!  Never really thought I'd make it to this age, but now that I'm here I'm looking forward to what life has in store for me.

I spent some time today looking back at my blog and my goals that I stated in my very first blog post one year ago and mulling over what I have achieved and thinking about what further goals I want to add.  So here's the list.

My Original Goals:
  • Get out there and grasp life, try new things and stop procrastinating about everything.  Bring about some positive changes and help usher me into a new life style.
  • One of my goals was to start a blog that I could share with my friends who love cardmaking, stamping and paper engineering ...... a fun place I could showoff some of my creations and thoughts.
  • Post regularly
Things I've achieved and I'm proud of:
  • Helping out a friend with cancer who needed assistance and care in her final months;
  • Helping my mom with her physical care and organizing and helping with her move to a new home following her fall and recovery from breaking her hip;
  • Going back to work providing vacation coverage........... just enough to keep me happy and keep my hand in;
  • Learning to play shuffle board and play golf - even though I'm not good at either, I'm enjoying the participation and the outings;
  • Surviving my kitchen reno in Palm Springs..... living for 2 months off a two-burner hot plate and without a kitchen sink.......... who knew it would take that long!!!
  • Making new friends in Palm Springs and joining these gals for outings to restaurants and plays, and not worrying about taking time out to do those things;
  • Joining Ustamp with Dawn and Friends and finding new friends around the world to share my love of stamping and paper designs
  • Becoming a Guest Demo on UStamp with Dawn and Friends twice this year............ yeah what fun!
  • Attempting card making challenges and swaps and feeling like what I make "is okay".........I'm always my worst critic. 
  • Getting in touch with old friends who I haven't been in touch with for a long time and making the connection again.............. very important in some cases to let go and in other cases to get going again!
  • Doing my blog posts and taking pictures of my work to share with others.
  • Having fun making projects and doing what I love and not feeling totally guilty about not doing the housework, or errands or whatever life deals out while I'm having fun.
  • Meeting all of you and having you as new friends!
Well that just about sums it up for today.  I'm off to watch Super Bowl with 30 friends in our park.  We'll be making bets, eating, laughing and having fun for sure! Oh yeah, we'll be sharing my birthday cake and having more fun.  Hope your day is as good as mine................. it's my birthday and my anniversary of my blog!!!!


Treasure Queen said...

Happy Birthday Penny! I loved reading your list of all the things you've been up to! Well done. Your aims and achievements are amazing.
Love Jenny in Aus

Betty Lee said...

Happy Birthday Penny,
You have a great blog and I enjoy looking at it every day!!! I have another good friend who shares your birthday and we had a big dinner party for her yesterday!!! We are all still full, but not too full to have some birthday cake.
Betty Lee