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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Believe - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

I Believe!!!! I am so proud to be from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada on the eve of one of the biggest events ever staged in our beautiful city.  Want to see why I am so proud, click here  and watch the amazing and beautiful "I Believe" by Nikki Yanofsky (Vancouver 2010 Music Video: Olympic Torch Relay).  If you're a Canadian and proud pass along this link ..................I'm sure you'll feel overwhelmed like I did and want to share with your friends and family.  Happy Olympics Vancouver............I'll be watching!!!!!

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Logo based on Inuit Inukshuk

The logo and mascot of the future 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics is based on the Canadian Inuit inukshuk. The inukshuk is a stone marker that has been used by the Inuit to help guide through the northern Arctic terrain for centuries. The Inuit inukshuk has also become a symbol of leadership, cooperation, friendship and the human spirit. This contemporary design of an inukshuk by Vancouver based Elena Rivera MacGregor and her team of designers was chosen from 1,600 entries from across Canada by an international panel of nine judges. The mascot will be named Ilanaaq which means ‘friend’ in the native Inuit Inuktitut language. Rivera MacGregor claims that her winning design represents the culture, environment and people of Canada.


Betty Lee said...

Hi Penny

I wasn't too enthused about the Olympics until just this week....and now I am a supporter. We will be watching what we can on TV.
Go - Canada - Go
Betty Lee

Amelia Hara said...

Living in Vancouver, I wasn't too enthused about the 2010 Winter Olympics because I knew the huge cost that we will endure after. But we won the bid and can't do anything about it. So I decided to try and enjoy it and get out to see the free shows. I went Downtown for the first time on the weekend and boy, the vibe down there is electric. It reminded me a little of Vegas with all the sculptures and street entertainers. Now that the Games are here, let Vancouver show the world the beauty of the city and also the beauty of our people. I did not bid on any tickets and now, wish I did but will be watching proudly as a Canadian from my living room on the TV.

Treasure Queen said...

I watched at every opportunity! I loved it - loved it when the Aussies did well, but also loved it when the Canadians did well - and boy they did great!!