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Monday, August 31, 2009

Having a Great Day .............

What a day it's been! About 3:30 this morning our dog Murphy woke us up to say something was wrong............. and he was right. The power had gone off around 1:30am and had come back on again with the clock radio lights flashing and the house alarm beeping. What a dog! It's kind of reassuring to know you have a little angel looking over you. So we fixed the alarms and went back to sleep.

Around 8:00 while we were having coffee and watching the morning news, the power went out again. Since we couldn't do anything without the electricity in the house, we both headed outside and tackled some of our garden work that has been lagging behind. We finished that and the power was still out........... an hour has passed. So, nothing else to do we took Murphy for a nice long walk around the lake and neighborhood where we live. The power was out everywhere so it wasn't only us who were inconvenienced. If there was any silver lining to today's power outage, it was the fact that it's a grand day with the sun shining brightly and a light breeze blowing and no where to be in a hurry.

On our way home we picked up our mail and there was a package from Dawn Rapsas for me...............my prizes for having her blinkie on my blog and guessing one of the questions on the July 27th chat night. How exciting!!

Well that just made the day even brighter and so much more exciting......I wanted to rip the envie open right then and there but my DH suggested waiting until we got home. The with the suspense deepening we returned home. When we arrived the power had returned and all was back to normal. I opened the package as soon as I could and look what I got........... a full package of dimensionals, a beautiful package of Hidden Garden Rub-Ons and a Ribbon Measurer. Here's all my stuff. Thanks Dawn for making it such a great day after all!

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Debra Keane said...

Wow Penny. You hit gold with all this stuff from Dawn. What is a ribbon measurer? I never heard of that although I realize what it must do but does it work better than a ruler? Love your blog. Talk soon