Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

Today I had something totally unexpected happen that I wanted to share with you. This event absolutely turned my day from a mad hectic rush to a "savor the moment" time. Here's what happened.

Susan Hoare from our Colourful Impressions Group in Langley was looking for some 12 x 12 Textured In Colour from the old cattie. Since I had an unopened package that I wasn't sure I would use, I contacted her and we made arrangements to do a trade. Susan agreed to order me a package of Neutrals cardstock to replace my In Colours one.

Simple right. Well a lot has gone on for both of us in the past few weeks so it wasn't until last night that we were able to connect and arrange the switch. So this morning while I was on business in Langley I drove to Susan's home to pick up the paper but when I arrived, there was no one home and no paper to be found.
A quick call to Susan confirmed that her hubby must have forgotten to leave the package on the front step for me this morning. We talked a bit about alternatives as I wouldn't be able to come in to town again for a while, but Susan who was on her way home from work across the river suggested she come home pick up the Neutrals paper and meet me in Walnut Grove where I was heading for another appointment. How's that for going the extra mile............. man was I impressed.
Susan met me at the appointed time and this bright cheerful gal handed me a Stampin Up' bag with my paper and casually mentioned she had put some "extra's" in the bag for my "inconvenience". We chatted briefly about blogs and stamping and then said our farewells.

As I was dashing off for another appointment I never looked in the bag. So, imagine my surprise and pleasure when I opened the bag tonight and found these two beautiful cards and a fresh package of Delicate Dots 12 x 12 DSP.
I just had to phone her right away and thank her for this beautiful gift and for being there for me. What a thoughtful gal! So Susan here is another thank you as I show off your beautiful handiwork.

Now if I could only figure out how to rotate this card you might be able to see it correctly. It is beautiful

1 comment:

Alysabeth said...

Oh that's so nice, I love our group even though I didn't receive my birthday card from the card brigade:o(

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